Friday, 13 January 2012

Annapurna Bhoj

I work with Aman Biradari and as a part of winter campaign blanket distribution team, me and my team members visited different parts of Delhi to distribute blankets to isolated homeless. One night, after completing work at Jama Masjid and Yamuna Pushta, we went to Fatehpuri to try some old Delhi street food.

I have been to fatehpuri before also at Kake di hatti but this time one of my team member insisted to for Annapurna Bhoj.

Annapurna bhoj provides a thali, which costs Rs 80. It includes rotis,rice,daal,shahi paneer,aloo ki sabzi and papad. The food made us feel like the one that we always have at home. It was truly delicious, compelling all of us to eat more and more.

You can have as many rotis, daal and rice as you want but an extra bowl of vegetable costs Rs 10.The thali brought a big relief to all of our empty tummies. Moreover, three of our German volunteers who were with us enjoyed the food, as it was less spicy.

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