Saturday, 25 February 2012

Rolls @ 34,Chowringhee Lane

In vicinity of all colleges and Universities of Delhi you can find good eateries. Whether its JNU’s famous Ganga Dhaba or Delhi University, North Campus Kamla Nagar, the food available is irresistible.

In all these eateries, the food is reasonably priced keeping in mind the pocket of the students.Last week after completing my work at Venkateshwara College in South Campus, I asked my friend about the eateries, which serves mouth-watering food . At once, my friend asked me to try rolls at 34 Choringee lane. It was lunch time and I thought of eating something delicious which can fill up my empty tummy. In Delhi one would wonder why all the roll centres are named after Patna. Anyways I will try to find it out some other time. The rolls available at these road side food stalls have stuffing of noodles. However, a perfect roll in its true sense has a filling of onions, different sauces and lemon.

The famous rolls joints in south campus which was referred by my friend is 34 choringee lane right opposite to Venkateshwara College. This chain was started by entrepreneur Rishi Kapoor(do not confuse it with bollywood superstar).After going through the menu which was a bit confusing as there were different kind of rolls. I ordered single lemon chicken roll, priced at Rs.70. The chicken stuffed inside the roll was juicy and truly delectable with a tinge of lemon . However it could not satisfy my eagerness to try some another rolls available at 34 chowringhee lane. Another roll, which I tried was simply veggie. However, I did not like it much but the taste of chicken was still fresh in my mouth. I returned to my office happily relishing the lemon chicken moments with a resolve to visit that place again.


  1. I can't forget those daily visits with mum and dad to Satya eversince 34,ChowringheeLane was opened.To my family's delight we finally found an eatery serving authentic Bengali rolls! Even during Pujo we look fwd to the stall at CR Park just to grab the delicious biryanis:D True flavour of Pashim Bangla!

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  4. Nice blog!! Looks delicious, feel like grabbing the roll right away. Thank you chowringhee in satya niketan